Farms Finest

     Family farms in America are disappearing.  Since WW II we began to mass produce food using  industrial "improvements". Unwittingly, we have become the end users of genetically modified seed, commercial animal feedlot operations (CAFO), and factory made "food".  By producing porr quality food , with only profits in mind, has created enormous health problems for both people and the environment. 

Meanwhile, consumers continue to be  misguided by terms used in product marketing.   Words and phrases like  Happy Cows, organic, all natural and hundreds of other misleading messages.  The real bottom line is  a vote for change lies squarely in the hands of consumers when they approach the grocery check out counter. Make  informed grocery choices with  "Wednesday's Words"  and each week know what terms like organic, free range, and sustainable really mean. 

FARMS, GARDEN & THE KITCHEN  serves up  information to get the real food and conversation back into the kitchen, "The Heart Of the Home".   Julia Childs said ; " You do not have to create masterpieces!  Just use fresh food."

Photo Below:  Notice the architectural feat of these hand built barns, but more importantly hear the metaphor. If our barns and local agriculture are no longer of value have we not also lost a sense of community and sustainability?  This photo is of a 150 year old, hand built, four story barn, being torn down because it no longer has a purpose.  It was also part of my own families farm years ago.